Powerful Software That Delivers the Answers You Need

RealTime CEO software delivers the insight you need to quantify value, plan strategically and communicate your exact position today and how that will change in the future.


  • Return on Operations %
  • Operational Cash Flow
  • Operational Profit %
  • Leverage Rating
  • Salary Multiple
  • Raw Materials Multiple
  • Operational Investment

The software sits on top of your standard P&L and balance sheet to deliver a powerful set of data that will allow you to make the best business decisions, in real time, to increase the value of your business.


Who It's For

For over a decade, Nick Setchell has guided CEOs and leadership teams of mid-market companies worldwide using his powerful financial performance and modeling software.

Now, that software is directly available to CEOs and CFOs via software-as-a-service. The RealTime CEO software works for:

  • Any type of business
  • In any industry
  • Of any size
  • In any location in the world



RealTime CEO Philosophies

Learn about the fundamentals that drive RealTime CEO and Nick Setchell's background.