Real Time CEO Software

Powerful Financial Modeling Software

Now directly available to CEOs and CFOs via software-as-a-service

For over a decade, Nick Setchell — the founder of RealTime CEO — has guided CEOs and leadership teams of mid-market companies worldwide using his powerful financial performance and modeling software. The software sits on top of your standard P&L and balance sheet to deliver a powerful set of data that will allow you to make the best business decisions, in real time, to increase the value of your business.


Review summaries and graphs of your key business performance metrics, including current metrics and trailing 12 months, for:

  • Return on Operations %
  • Operational Cash Flow
  • Operational Profit %
  • Leverage Rating
  • Salary Multiple
  • Raw Materials Multiple
  • Operational Investment

The RealTime CEO app not only meets this challenge but takes it to a new level of powerful management data and modeling tools.

Rick Moody

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The RealTimeCEO app provides simple numbers that help me better improve my business and gives me the ability to challenge the future.

Toby Strong


Crystal Ball

Perhaps the most powerful elements of the software, the crystal ball leverages the entire set of data in an easy-to-use scenario builder that allows you to view your projected financial results of almost any key business decision you’ll make in the future.

Input the cost of any investment or change in business practice that affects one of the 8 key value drivers and receive the answer to these key questions:

Should we make the change?

This will tell you if the decision increases the value of your company.

Can we make the change?

This will tell you if you can afford to make the change.

If both are yes, you’re improving the value of the company. Use the crystal ball to validate every key business decision on a weekly basis.


RealTime CEO software works for any type of business, of any size, in any industry, in any location in the world. To participate, you’ll need to load your current and historical financial statements into the software:

  • Balance Sheet – most recent and previous 2 years
  • P & L – matching the same timeframe of your balance sheet