Should We? / Can We?

Using scenario-building software that leverages your Fiscal Focus Analysis, you can view, in real time, the actual financial impact from the hundreds of common business decisions that your team make in any given month.

“Our quarterly meetings continually provide us with the financial indicators we need to make the best decisions. The Fiscal Focus analysis provides my team with the information they need to do what is most important to the organization …. make money. I especially like the “What If” tool (Should We? / Can We?) because it shows me in real time the effects on ROI for the most critical decisions. Thank you for helping us through this difficult economy. Without your help and guidance, I do not believe we would be as financially strong as we are.”

– Steven G. Dignan, President, Nickle Electrical Companies

Financial Measurement of Real Time Decisions

Your intuition and gut feel are probably very good and accurate most of the time. But as your business grows, basing key decisions that can dramatically impact the value of your business on intuition and gut feel can increase the risk in your business.

Our Should We? / Can We? financial planning software provides a mathematical framework to view the financial impact of common business decisions, measuring the impact of changes in:

  • Prices
  • Volume
  • Fixed costs
  • Variable costs
  • Inventory
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Capital deployment

A Simple, Two-Question Approach

Our planning and financial modeling software supports a simple, two-question approach for each business decision that your team encounters. The tools are the framework to provide you with numerical answers to the following questions:

  1. Should we do this?
  2. Can we do this?

For the first question, Should we do this?, the software drills the scenario down to the single most important measure of success in your business, your return on operations percentage, or ROO%. The software tells you whether your decision increases the value of your business, or decreases the value of your business, and by how much.

For the second question, Can we do this?, the software tells you how the decision impacts your cash flow, determining whether you can afford to make the decision without jeopardising your future.

Quantifying the Financial Impact

Use our sophisticated financial planning software to better understand the numerical results of the decisions your team is faced with—to confirm or refute their intuition. Translate intuition and gut feel into quantifiable metrics, understanding the sensitivities of your business and how they affect your company value.

This is commonplace in big companies – using financial modeling software to predict the results of the decisions they’re faced with, to confirm or refute their intuition, but rare in mid-market companies.

For a quick demo, check out our Should We? / Can We? screencast

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