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Creates visionary, accountable leaders that can see and shape the future.

Powerful software that delivers the answers you need.

The RealTime CEO cloud-based software delivers the insight you need to quantify value and risk, plan strategically and communicate your exact position today and how that will change in the future.

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Review summaries and graphs of your key business performance metrics, including current metrics and trailing 12 months, for:

Primary measures:
  •  Return on operations %
  •  Operational cash flow:
Secondary Measures
  • Operational profit %
  • Leverage rating
  • Salary multiple
  • Raw materials multiple

Make the best business decisions, in

The software sits on top of your standard P&L and balance sheet to deliver a powerful set of data that will allow you to make the best business decisions, in RealTime, to increase the value of your business.

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SON Communication – Your Leadership process to ensure Strategy is supported by Operations and measured by plain English Numbers

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RTC Philosophies

resource Hear Nick Setchell discuss the core philosophies that have guided the development of RealTime CEO

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Crystal Ball

resource Look into the future and validate decisions in advance asking 2 question: “Should We”and “Can We”

RealTime CEO philosophies

Learn about the fundamentals that drive RealTime CEO and Nick Setchell’s background.

RealTime CEO Software

For over a decade, Nick Setchell has guided CEOs and leadership teams of mid-market companies worldwide using his powerful financial performance and modeling software.

Customer Testimonials

My sincere gratitude to you for expanding my vision. I have certainly become aware of a different perspective that will impact my business profoundly.

Diane K. Meehan , President Sacramento Public Works

Nick was able to add value to our practice and he has helped deliver to the firm significantly better returns.

Leon Loganathan , Managing Partner, Ward Keller

I especially like the "What If" tool because it shows me in real time the effects on return for the most critical decisions.

Steven G. Dignan , President, Nickle Electrical Companies

Hands down, one of the best presentations I've ever seen! Bonus points for doing so with severe jetlag.

John DiPietro , Principal, Domesticating IT

RealTime CEO tools are like showing a 19th century doctor 21st century medicine.

Allen Hauge , Vistage Chair, St Louis

I guarantee that Nick will help you and your team improve both the top and, most importantly, bottom line.

Shawn Regan , CEO Rhythmlink International, LLC

The RealTimeCEO app provides simple numbers that help me better improve my business and gives me the ability to challenge the future.

Toby Strong , Podpac