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‘COVID-Zero’: Can We Afford It?

‘COVID-Zero’: Can We Afford It? By A. F. Cannon, Writing for RealTimeCEO The Australian government’s lockdowns and COVID-Zero policies have saved many lives, yet they cost our economy tens of millions of dollars a day. With all the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic’s future, can our current approach continue? This article looks at the health and…
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Economics After COVID: Boom, Bust, or Something In-Between?

By Alasdair Cannon Executive Summary In 2021, we hope that the end of the pandemic will come. But what will our post-pandemic economies look like? A few scenarios are possible. Boom: Some believe that savings accumulated during 2020’s lockdown will fuel a boom, as pent-up demand is unleashed on the economy. Bust: But there is…
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Voodoo Finance For Sick Markets: Stock Prices During COVID-19

By A. F. Cannon Writing for Real Time CEO   Today, finance and economics have nothing to do with one another. I deliberately open with this ridiculous statement because financial markets in the last year have behaved in ridiculous ways. In 2020, the real economy in the USA shrank significantly; yet financial markets boomed. Some…
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Modern Monetary Theory

By A. F. Cannon As our leaders look to repair our economies after the COVID-19 crash, a wild new way of economic thinking has surged to prominence: modern monetary theory, or MMT for short. MMT’s supposedly radical ideas for money creation and government spending have caused fear and confusion. ‘It’s dangerous,’ we hear. ‘We’ll end…
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