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SON Communication

SON Communication – Your Leadership process to ensure Strategy is supported by Operations and measured by plain English Numbers

Are You Riding the Wave or Creating Your Market?

Core Management Principles  In my Vistage workshops, I talk a lot about predicting the future. And in my last post, I outlined the process I use with CEOs to enable them to more accurately predict the future of their business. I accept that it’s impossible to continually predict the future with 100% accuracy. But I’ve seen a lot...
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24 Month Rolling Forecasts

Financial Forecasting  Do your company’s reporting methods guide you into the future or force you to look backwards? 24 Month Rolling Forecasts provide a powerful management technique that helps you predict and influence the future. For over a decade  I’ve had the privilege of working with businesses in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand,...
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Business Differences & Similarities

RealTime CEO  In our last blog, The Perfect Skill Mix of a CEO, we talked about differences among business leaders and the ideal mix of skills. As people are different, so too are businesses. At RealTime CEO we’ve assisted businesses all around the world. These businesses differ in: Industry – the type of industry in which the business...
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RTC Philosophies

Hear Nick Setchell discuss the core philosophies that have guided the development of RealTime CEO

Removing the Silo Mentality

Removing the Silo mentality on your leadership team opens up the ability to reach your true potential

Plain English Communication

Unify your leadership team by sharing a common plain English communication process

Understandable Numbers

Allow all your leadership team to understand the numerical performance of your business

Passionate Contrarian

Be truly different by releasing your “Passionate Contrarian” side

SON Communication

SON Communication – Your Leadership process to ensure Strategy is supported by Operations and measured by plain English Numbers


My sincere gratitude to you for expanding my vision. I have certainly become aware of a different perspective that will impact my business profoundly.

Diane K. Meehan

President Sacramento Public Works

Nick was able to add value to our practice and he has helped deliver to the firm significantly better returns.

Leon Loganathan

Managing Partner, Ward Keller

I especially like the "What If" tool because it shows me in real time the effects on return for the most critical decisions.

Steven G. Dignan

President, Nickle Electrical Companies

Hands down, one of the best presentations I've ever seen! Bonus points for doing so with severe jetlag.

John DiPietro

Principal, Domesticating IT

RealTime CEO tools are like showing a 19th century doctor 21st century medicine.

Allen Hauge

Vistage Chair, St Louis

I guarantee that Nick will help you and your team improve both the top and, most importantly, bottom line.

Shawn Regan

CEO Rhythmlink International, LLC

The RealTimeCEO app provides simple numbers that help me better improve my business and gives me the ability to challenge the future.

Toby Strong