24 Month Rolling Forecasting

Use this sophisticated budgeting and planning software to gain a complete financial picture of your business -- blending your trailing 12 month averages with a rolling 12 month forecast.

“The 24 month rolling forecast is essential in following the results of our strategic decisions and seeing the probable outcomes in the future. Nick Setchell provides practical experience and usually has seen most business scenarios and also keeps us accountable to our decisions. I always look forward to our quarterly health checks as we always walk away with strategies to improve the business value.”

– Matt Evins, Managing Director, Banner Hardware

Evolution of Budgeting & Planning

Forecasting is never 100% accurate—it’s simply a prediction of the future at a given point in time. Companies that predict their future 12 months out, and never update it as each month progresses, are akin to a driver on the road who stares at a spot 120 yards ahead, and continues to stare at it until he hits that spot. No driver would do that—one of the first lessons in driver’s education is to keep your field of vision consistently forward.

Our 24 month rolling financial forecasting software focuses on:

  1. Using a moving average of past performance
  2. Keeping the field of vision consistently forward

24 month rolling financial forecasting incorporates trailing twelve months and includes 12 months of projections, all in one statement, to present an even clearer picture of business performance—past, present, and future.

Plan at the Business Level First

Effective planning starts by asking business questions first, and then updating the numerical impact of those decisions in the financial forecast. The 24 month rolling forecasting and planning process focuses on having your team, every month, ask these two questions:

  1. What information has come to light in the last 30 days that changes our view of the future?
  2. How do we need to change our behavior, and what actions do we need to initiate now, to accommodate and influence the future?

Integrated with the Fiscal Focus Analysis

As you update your model, our subscription services ties your quarterly performance to your initial financial review (typically an analysis of your past 6 years of financial statements), while also giving you a benchmark for the future of your business.

It delivers a crystal clear view of your past, present and future performance of your business.

Check out our tutorial for a demonstration of how the RealTimeCEO software handles forecasting: