Fiscal Focus Financial Statement Analysis

Repurpose the past 6 years of your income statement and balance sheet to understand how well you’ve performed in the 11 vital value-based and cash flow metrics.

“This was not just about accounting. It’s also not about what you do. It’s about the way you do it. RealTime CEO provided a new way of looking at financial data, and a new way of looking at the company, its interpersonal relationships, and our perception of what the company was about. Without a doubt, my companies would have been one of the greatest early successes of the way the RealTime CEO tools and guidance can assist a business.”

– Peter Bettess, Managing Director, D.C.Willshire and Co Pty Ltd and Truline Fabrications Pty Ltd.

Fiscal Focus Analysis

How well has your company truly performed over the past 12 months? Over the past 5 years? Do you know how you’re trending in these vital cash flow metrics?

  • Operational cash percentage
  • Profitability percentage
  • Activity rating
  • Accounts receivable days
  • Accounts payable days
  • Return on operations percentage

Most mid-market CEOs are still relying on their historical financial statements to evaluate how well their company is performing. Those statements are built to follow GAAP accounting standards – standards developed over 150 years ago that governments use for tax purposes. They’re simply not designed to give you true insight into your real time financial performance.

Software to Create Intuitive Financial Statements

You still need to produce your standard financial statements for tax purposes, but the Fiscal Focus financial statement analysis tools will reshape your historical statements into a more sophisticated model using direct costs, indirect costs, contribution margin, operational cash percentage, activity rating, return on operations percentage and a number of other vital metrics.

This software gives you a better interpretation of your historical performance. Plus, it’s integrated with other key components of the RealTime CEO offering to give you a complete view of anticipated future performance under hundreds of difference scenarios.

Expert Interpretation of Your Financial Performance

After our experts use the software to produce your analysis, we provide you with a 20+ page report delivered during an hour-long presentation to explain the results, in plain English (not financial speak). This gives you a complete understanding of the results, along with the opportunity to interact with our team to answer any of your questions.

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