CEO Performance Analysis

Understand how well you compare against more than 1,000 other companies worldwide. Their company information is confidential, but their performance is aggregated into valuable categories to enable you to benchmark your success.

“The refreshing style of Nick Setchell has lead scosa to stronger results despite challenge economic times over the past four years. The broad and proven experience of Nick and the ongoing support and direction has been instrumental in increasing the scosa’s team understanding of the organisation and financial impacts to make wiser decisions. Nick enables CEOs to have confidence that the measures that matter are the primary focus of all team members.”

– Nicole Graham, Chief Executive, scosa, the Spastic Centres of South Australia Inc

Measuring Mid-Market CEO Performance

How do you measure your performance each year as a CEO? Are you able to measure it against the performance of your competition? Against that of your peers?

Public company CEOs can easily get a real-time independent evaluation of their performance by viewing their stock price. Mid-market CEOs typically don’t have public markets to measure how well they’re performing and what their company is worth.

The unfortunate reality is that the standard numbers that most mid-market CEOs rely upon quantify only past operational performance and give little intelligence on:

  • How much value they’re creating
  • How well they’re performing against their competition
  • How well they’re performing against their peers

Analysis of Your Ability to Build Value

Other than comparing company revenue, number of employees, or the size of your peers or competitor’s houses, cars, boats, or other toys, how you obtain this information? For most, they need to bring in independent experts: bankers, analysts, or financial consultants with sophisticated performance-modeling tools.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve benchmarked over 1,000 businesses of different sizes, in different industries, all over the world. Our benchmarks will tell you how well you’re performing as a CEO relative to other companies within and outside of your industry.

ROO and Other CEO Performance Metrics

Our CEO performance analysis benchmarks your ROO percentage – the single, most powerful number to measure business success of a private company, against more than 1,000 other CEOs throughout the world.  We’ll also benchmark company’s performance in up to eleven other key, real time financial metrics:

  • Operational cash percentage
  • Leverage rating
  • Profitability percentage
  • Revenue collection
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Fixed asset utilization
  • Pricing power
  • Direct cost control
  • Indirect cost control
  • Volume strategy

Understanding where you rate gives you a clear picture as to how well you’re performing, and the impact of decisions you’re making now, in real time, on your future performance.

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