A suite of powerful financial modeling tools, delivered under expert guidance, to create the sophisticated practices, framework and disciplines of the Fortune 500 ... in a format designed for the private mid-market company.

Fiscal Focus Financial Statement Analysis

Repurpose the past 6 years of your income statement and balance sheet to understand how well you’ve performed in the 11 vital value-based and cash flow metrics.

Should We? / Can We?

Using scenario-building software that leverages your Fiscal Focus Analysis, you can view, in real time, the actual financial impact from the hundreds of common business decisions that your team make in any given month.

24 Month Rolling Forecasting

Use this sophisticated budgeting and planning software to gain a complete financial picture of your business — blending your trailing 12 month averages with a rolling 12 month forecast.

J Curve Management

Implement this evaluation and management tool to track the number of J Curve investments that you’re currently undertaking, the 3 phases of each, and the 5 rules for managing them.

Return on Operations - ROO

ROO percentage is the interest rate that the business returns to you for each dollar of capital deployed. It’s simply the single, most powerful number to measure business success.

CEO Performance Analysis

Understand how well you compare against more than 1,000 other companies worldwide. Their company information is confidential, but their performance is aggregated into valuable categories to enable you to benchmark your success.

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