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What is DCA

Those of our readers with sales experience will know about unique selling propositions (USP). They are the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.  Dominant Competitive Advantage (DCA) is to the whole of business what a USP is to a product or service. What is it about your business that is superior to your competition? Why should a potential customer deal with you above any other business?

Most midmarket companies don’t have a DCA. It’s surprising that when we ask this question more than fifty percent of the respondents think their DCA is customer service. This sounds good until we test it through the most stringent filter – is this something YOU can say that your competitors cannot? Are your competitors saying they provide good service?  Probably!  Whether they are or not is not really important – if you keep pushing your case on “customer service” your prospect will not be able to distinguish you from everyone else saying the same thing and then you will be forced to compete on price .  Very few businesses want to end up here – only the biggest, deepest pocket player in the market will win this battle.

Does your DCA pass the test?

Your DCA is a powerful simple reason why your prospect should deal with you and not your competitor.  Yes it is a strength of yours but it is more than that.  Good DCA also pass these tests:

  • Focused and simple
  • Objective
  • Quantifiable
  • Self-centered
  • Supported by stories
  • And most importantly, not stated by competitors

Once you’ve found your DCA, build your business communications around that distinguishing factor. Every component of your communications should relate back to your DCA. Your website, advertising, proposals, bids, elevator speech and anything else that represents your business should all emphasise what makes YOUR business the best.

Finding your DCA is not easy but it is worth the investment. How do you find your DCA? Ask us. We are can help you distinguish your business from all of your competitors.



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