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Fiscal Focus is the plain English measurement module of RealTimeCEO.  In our Fiscal Focus blog we looked at the Fiscal Focus pyramid, which describes the two main business aims: to generate return and to generate cash flow. In this blog we will discuss cash flow, which is the lifeblood of your business. Some people say to me, “Cash flow’s fine, Nick, but what about profit? That’s what really important.” Well, let me put this analogy to you. Profit is like food to business, which is important. But cash flow is like oxygen. You can go without food for a while but how long can you go without oxygen?

So, if we accept that cash flow is vitally important, let’s look at an easy way to measure our cash flow. Each of the eight Fiscal Focus levers [insert link here] is going to either put pressure on your cash flow or take the pressure off. For example, if your suppliers will give you goods today which you don’t have to pay for until later, that will ease the pressure on your cash flow. Alternatively, if you provide goods to your customers today that they don’t pay for until later, that’s going to put pressure on your cash flow.

So, how do we measure the cash flow in our business?

Have a look at this video for more insight into Cash Flow.


Tracking cash flow using this method has two advantages: one, it’s a very easy way to track it; and two, it gives you specific information you will need in conversations with your bank. But this calculation is most powerful when done over a twelve-month period; don’t fall into the trap of tracking it on a year to date or part-year basis.

Having problems keeping track of your cash flow? Are you worried about the possibility of liquidity problems? We can provide you with all the information you need to measure your cash flow and show you ways to increase it. For more information, check out our app (coming soon on the home page).

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